How long have you worked for My Cookie Dough and what was your background before?

I started My Cookie Dough in April 2021 as a Marketing Assistant before working up to the Content Creator role later in the year which I currently love! I’ve always been a creative person and went to Bath Spa University to study Creative Media Practice in hopes of making it into the media industry. Once I graduated, I worked in the NHS as a Communications Officer just as the pandemic hit so it was pretty intensive, but it gave me lots of experience in content creation in a short amount of time!

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing about my job would be sharing amazing products and brand messages with our audience in fun and creative ways on social media. Creating fun TikToks to trending sounds that get seen by a million people feels really rewarding and is crazy to see something I filmed and edited shared with such a large audience!

What advice would you give someone trying to work in content, social media and design?

I would say just have a go at everything you can and get stuck in! Any type of experience is amazing for creative growth whether it be a small project set up by your friends where you can design social media assets, or just filming a fun video to test out your own abilities – it all helps in expanding your skill set and experience. At the end of the day, it’s a super exciting industry to get into and it allows you to explore your talents and create fun and engaging content!

What was your favourite project to work on to date and why?

My favourite project to date has been both years of The Big Feastival! Big Feastival is a food festival held over 3 days at Alex James’ farm in Oxfordshire, where My Cookie Dough has had a pop-up stand for the past few years. My job was to create a load of content to document the unique foodie creations we made, the excitement of customers trying the product for the first time and the fun atmosphere of the amazing team that made the event so special! I got to meet a lot of amazing people and learn so many new skills, whilst creating images and highlight reels for social media to share the excitement with our followers.

Talk me through a typical day at work for you

My day-to-day schedule can change so much with upcoming NPD launches, store openings and social media content requirements! I usually visit the stores a few times a month for shoot days and then spend lots of my time with my headphones in, lo-fi music on, and my dog asleep next to me whilst I edit the content that I shot. It’s easy to get lost in an ‘editing hole’ so I always check in with the Marketing team to ensure all upcoming deadlines and projects are on schedule and prioritise my workload. I’m always planning the next shoot and looking to the future since NPD is always many months in the future – we’re already thinking about Easter products and beyond!

If you were a dessert what would you be and why?

Oooooh good question, I would have to say a red velvet cupcake with icing and sprinkles all over! I love all things cute and colourful, am a little immature and a bit out there – but overall pretty sweet!

What is your favourite MCD product, past or present?!

The real stand-out product for me would be the Boba Sugar Boba Cookie Dough stack we created for the London pop-up store! If anyone knows me they would know my love of bubble tea, and it was the perfect match of bubble tea and our cookie dough! I still dream about it now…

Who is your biggest inspiration at work?

My biggest inspiration would have to be the amazing store managers who I get to meet, they are all such hard workers and always get involved in the crazy NPD and content ideas that are thrown at them! Each one cares for their team in the best way and everyone is so lovely every time we meet them.