Working & growing with MCD

Simply put, we’re a small team with a BIG dream!

Since MyCookieDough started in 2014, we’ve had a mission of spreading happiness with our cookie dough globally in a way that is ethically good and sustainable to our environment.

We passionately want to continue creating amazing cookie treats and become a leading global cookie brand that people enjoy being a part of, either as an employee or customer.

A small growing business comes with its pro’s and con’s and for us it is important to share both sides of the coin so we’re being completely transparent with people who want to develop their careers with us.

With fast growth and a small team comes expected challenges and pressures. Maintaining a positive perspective is key in overcoming the challenges and resilience is required to manoeuvre through the waves of heavy workload and pressure.  It’s certainly not for those looking for an easy ride or a regular 9-5. Working at MCD requires hard work and grit, it demands go-getters and proactive individuals who are willing to ride it out, even through the tough times!

On the flip side, working on building a brand can be super fun, educating and rewarding. With endless opportunities for growth for those that really want it, there’s no
celling for what can be achieved with a great team and a scalable business. As we grow around the UK and globally, we have had opportunities for employees to travel both nationwide and internationally, as well as the opportunity to be a part of local events, festivals, and fun campaigns. MCD also gets involved with charity collaborations that the team can be a part of.


We have job opportunities at a few of our locations:

Retail Stores

Our Bakery (Bristol Based)

Our Head Office (Remote Working)

People behind the purple

Our team are super special to us, each person’s role is important in this little ecosystem. From our Brand Ambassadors who work at the store, to the content team, the developers and the senior management team at HQ. Every role at MCD makes a difference. We take so much pride in our team and ensure we do all we can to make them feel seen, heard and supported in their roles.

Time to hear it from the team!

Becca Purington – Content Creator – Head Office Team

Becca has been with the business for over 2 years, she’s wonderfully creative and super talented, always brings such a fun and joyful energy to the team and makes fantastic vids and pics for us to share with the world! We’re so proud of her progress here at MCD!

Here’s our mini interview with Becca:

1) how would you describe what it’s like to work at MCD?

Here at My Cookie Dough, everyday brings something new and there are always exciting projects going on!

2) Whats your favourite thing about working at MCD?

My favourite thing about working at MCD is meeting all of the amazing members of the team across the country - and possibly tasting some of the new tasty products! :)

3) Any challenges at work that you’ve overcome?

The main challenge that I’ve overcome at MCD is being able to prioritise my own workload since we are often working on multiple projects at a time! And again - trying to avoid eating all of the cookies :D

4) How would you describe the company culture?

The company culture at My Cookie Dough is all about helping each other and striving to be best that we can be as a company in terms of product, customer experience and in our individual fields!

Nikki Edgar – Store Manager in MyCookieDough store at Metro Centre

Nikki has been in the business for over 3 years and is loved by her colleagues and customers. She brings her wonderful personality to work every day, her passion for the brand is contagious and her customer service is unmatched. We couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the team.

Here’s our mini interview with Nikki:

1) How would you describe what it is like working at MyCookieDough?

I have worked at MyCookieDough for over 3 years now as a site manager and have no plans to leave anytime soon. MyCookieDough is more than a job for me; it is my career and through my time working here I have learnt that you get as much back as you put in! If you want to be successful, and you are committed to putting in the work and the company will support you every step of the way to achieve your goals. From the very beginning the focus for me was to provide a world class level of customer service and I can only do this if the product I am serving is also up the same level, especially in my kiosk we pride ourselves on making sure everyone leaves our kiosk happier than they arrived.

2) Any Challenges at work that you’ve overcome?

I have suffered for many years with my Mental health, so this has created various challenges for myself within a working environment…until I joined MCD. MCD are the first company that have made me feel that it is actually “Okay to not be Okay”. They have never judged me or made me feel inadequate or incapable, instead they have always met any issues with compassion and understanding.

3) How would you describe the company culture?

There is a strong community within the management team so we always have someone to talk to about issues and we also have an amazing Senior leadership team who are always available should we need them. Working for MCD has allowed me to regain my confidence and self-worth and for that I will be forever grateful.


We are always on the lookout for talent to bring into our amazing team. There are loads of opportunities for challenging and motivating careers with many possibilities for growth – whether that’s in head office, at our bakery or in our stores nationwide.

We are always happy to hear from people interested in joining the MCD team!

Should you wish to be considered for any future opportunities, please send your CV and covering letter to stating what role you are interested in.

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