We’ve been baking since 2014 and perfecting our recipes to bring you the best quality cookie dough & cookies, coffees, milkshakes and more. From kiosk to café, even straight to your door. With multiple locations in the UK & around the world, MyCookieDough is the place to take time out of your busy day, bring family and friends together and indulge in the moment.

“I’ve been going to my cookie dough every week for the past 5 years and it gets better every time. My favourite is the kinder and Nutella with smarties, brownies pieces and salted Carmel sauce. I really recommend the Nutella milkshake if you’re looking to get a drink instead”

Miracule Okorie


“MyCookieDough is one of the best dessert shops I have been to! The Kinder cookie dough is my go-to whenever I'm out shopping - the flavours just melt in your mouth, especially with the ice cream!”



“If you have a little bit of a sweet tooth like I do, you have to try MyCookieDough. The cookie dough is so soft yet crispy at the same time and they're super generous with toppings. I recommend the Caramelised Biscuit Stack!”



“MyCookieDough is our go to treat! We love sharing one of their stacks or getting a milkshake each, the milkshakes are delicious, super creamy and full of flavour!”

Amy and Callum


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