Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2019: Indulge Yourself

Valentine’s Day 2019: Indulge Yourself

We may be bias when it comes to Valentine’s Day as the only true love we have experienced is towards baked cookie dough, but this year we decided to celebrate the day of LUUUURVE in a different way.

We decided to celebrate the power of YOU this year. We know the silky rose petals, chocolate hearts and grand gestures of affection are always going to be cute, but they will always be the same old (but dependable) cupid-flavoured gestures. For Valentine’s Day 2019, we decided to do something slightly wild and celebrate the wonderful, whimsical truths of individualism and self-love. What better gesture than to embrace the big YOU and show some love for yourself.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a social scientist for that matter) to know that people are appreciating themselves in 2019 more than ever before in history. We have all shifted to loving ourselves just a little bit more and understanding that while we’re all different, we are all tasty, funky fruity people in our own little ways. What a time to be alive!

So, for this years Valentine’s Day we took inspiration from one of our favourite people who goes by the name Ariana Grande. She’s a badass female figure who rocks the self-love and isn’t afraid to live her truth. She’s also not afraid to indulge herself through her super extra outfits or soul-gripping lyrics.


We brought this to life with a new style of dessert for us, as you can see by our Limited Edition stack below which is called the Thank U, Next Stack. It’s pink, it’s poppy and full of a whole lot of flavour that makes your heart leap and gets your tongue dancing. We used a White Chocolate & Raspberry cookie dough, topped with rose-infused frosting, layered with Red Velvet cookie dough,  with more rose frosting, edible rose petals, and drizzled with popping candy & edible gold shimmer. Very grand indeed. Or should we say very Grande indeed!

We also released the First Date cookie dough as a nod to the authentic Valentine’s Day themes in both looks and taste. This special edition has a red velvet base, a Nutella spread mixed with melted white chocolate, and fresh strawberries to bring some freshness to the palate.

Valentine's Day

These products are on sale until the 16th February 2019 at all of our stores in the UK. Come and celebrate yourself with us! 

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