Dough On The Go

From March 2019, Deliveroo has been delivering to all areas around our stores. The dough is coming to the people!

Whether you are having a Netflix & chill, a hungover Sunday at university or a Scrabble night with friends, you can now enjoy cookie dough along with it. I mean it could even be that you are having an extra-long Tuesday at work and need a sprinkle of happiness in your life. We know something for that.
All you have to do is pick up your trusty phone and whack a few buttons and our famous baked cookie dough will be on the way in no time.

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2019: Indulge Yourself

We may be bias when it comes to Valentine’s Day as the only true love we have experienced is towards baked cookie dough, but this year we decided to celebrate the day of LUUUURVE in a different way.

We decided to celebrate the power of YOU this year. We know the silky rose petals, chocolate hearts and grand gestures of affection are always going to be cute, but they will always be the same old (but dependable) cupid-flavoured gestures. For Valentine’s Day 2019, we decided to do something slightly wild and celebrate the wonderful, whimsical truths of individualism and self-love. What better gesture than to embrace the big YOU and show some love for yourself.


Christmas Cheer

Christmas is a time for flying reindeer, sock-themed presents and a whole lot of eating for everyone involved. Every year is fairly similar for most of us, but not for some…
This year we received two tiny gold-leaded letters from a postcode that Google told us was somewhere near the North Pole. Upon opening the letters in our weekly team meeting, we discovered that the letters were from two Elves named Ralph and Emily who were in desperate need of some luck.


Halloween 2018

Every year we are bombarded with emails, DMs and late night hauntings from the spookiest characters in the Halloween universe. They keep asking us to give them some more attention, to stretch out their time in the spotlight and to show everyone that they are actually not as to be feared as everybody thinks.

So, upon guidance from our supernatural friends, we launched the “Not So Scary Now” campaign for the week leading up to October 31st. Our wonderful creative Keira designed a new logo. She has told the story of how her Photoshop became like a digital Ouija board, as her mouse did it’s own thing in the designing of the new logo.