Our Story

As a brand, our core mission is to spread happiness with our Cookie Dough, and do it in a way that is ethically good and sustainable to the world around us. While we want to change the world one step at a time we also want to change your day and put a smile on your face which we believe is something extremely special in itself. Angie, our founder and Queen of all things Dough, often says that our bottom-line is measured in how many people we can make smile, and that’s something everyone working here takes very seriously!


Our Story so far...

Our little story begins many moons ago, when our sweet-toothed founders met at university. They soon found they both had the knack and passion for creating delicious things, and so they set out to bless the world with something truly mouth-watering.

It was sweet over savoury from day one, as the driven duo got stuck into experimenting like mad scientists. After weeks of testing, creating, tasting and perfecting they emerged, covered in crumbs and dusted with sugar, but they had done it!

They’d made the perfect cookie dough, which was nothing like the world had seen before.

With a top secret recipe (hush hush!) and a one of a kind baking method, MyCookieDough was born. Our cookie dough is freshly baked, with a soft gooey consistency that makes the tastebuds squeal in delight.

We’ve set out to play in the world of desserts, with the sole purple-wrapped mission of sharing happiness and putting big smiles on faces. We bake our cookie dough with endless joy, so that your day can be just that little bit better. Come play with us!

 Cinnamon Bun and Red Velvet Cookie Dough   Angie and Ricki, founders of MCD