Our Mission – MyCookieDough

We're the Cookie Dough Dreamers..

With a perfected recipe and a one of a kind bakingmethod, MyCookieDough was born! Our Cookie Dough is always soft and gooey and truly a unique experience. We're about spreading happiness with our desserts and always coming up with something new to delight you!


Soft & Gooey

Even after baked, our Cookie Dough stays soft and gooey on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. It's a one of a kind dessert you have to experience for yourself!

Freshly Baked

All our Cookie Dough is freshly baked at our stores when you order. Combined with all the best ingredients, it's what makes our Cookie Dough so unique.

Joyful Flavours

Our Cookie Dough comes in all kinds of great flavours like Biscoff, Nutella and Kinder. Plus we're always coming up with new flavours to make your day!


As a brand, our core mission is to spread happiness with our Cookie Dough, and do it in a way that is ethically good and sustainable to the world around us. While we want to change the world one step at a time we also want to change your day and put a smile on your face which we believe is something extremely special in itself. Angie, our founder and Queen of all things Dough, often says that our bottom-line is measured in how many people we can make smile, and that’s something everyone working here takes very seriously!
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