Halloween 2018

Every year we are bombarded with emails, DMs and late night hauntings from the spookiest characters in the Halloween universe. They keep asking us to give them some more attention, to stretch out their time in the spotlight and to show everyone that they are actually not as to be feared as everybody thinks.

So, upon guidance from our supernatural friends, we launched the “Not So Scary Now”campaign for the week leading up to October 31st. Our wonderful creative Keira designed a new logo. She has told the story of how her Photoshop became like a digital Ouija board, as her mouse did it’s own thing in the designing of the new logo.

The new logo…

We also released our take on some of the horror genres favourite faces, showing them as their cookie dough loving selves. Characters such as Freddy Krueger, Jason X, andCount Dracula (now Count Stackula) were shown in the build-up to the big day.This was much to the delight of our fun-loving Instagram followers.

Our Halloween promotion wouldn’t be complete without a new product for the fans! This year we rolled out a Toffee Apple cookie dough which was a better choice than what our zombie friends wanted, which was either “BRAINS” or BRAAAIIIINS”.

Toffee Apple Cookie Dough

We hope you enjoyed our fun little Halloween campaign this year, and we are looking forward to bringing MySpookyDough back in 2019!

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