HotspotHunter Drops In

Hotspothunter Drops In

Our foodie friend Siobhan, who is better know as Hotspothunter on the Gram, popped into our London Westfields Store to try our latest cookie dough creations. We chatted all things food, dessert and how chocolate just makes life better in general. Obvs! She was kind enough to post about us on her instagram feed which you can get to by clicking HERE

She also covered our cookie dough on her popular Hotspothunter blog which documents foodie heavens across big global cities such as New York, Amsterdam and London. The original blog can be found HERE, but we have also included it here for you to read:

Spread across social media and even making an appearance on American TV, MyCookieDough has gone from a humble Cardiff-born cookie dough concept to an international success with locations from London to Oman. Brought to you by food scientists and dessert masterminds Angie and Ricki, the cookie dough company is often situated in major shopping centres such as Westfield London, reimagining retail therapy into indulgence at a whole new level…

Red Velvet

Instead of scooping it up at room temperature, their stores are fitted with large ovens to churn out freshly baked, WARM cookie dough. Shaped as squares in different flavours, stacked with a wide range of delectable toppings and served with vanilla soft serve on the side, you’ll be eating your way to happiness one spoonful at a time.

The menu is packed with thoughtfully put together creations, making it almost impossible to choose. Think red velvet cookie dough topped with cream cheese frosting, white chocolate-meets-vanilla dough drenched in melted Kinder, and show-stopping stacks consisting of several lavish layers.

Incredibly gooey and rich, The Sl***y Brownie definitely lives up to its name: a base of milk chocolate cookie dough gets topped with oreos, a chunk of triple chocolate dough and a slathering of Nutella to finish.

Sl***y Brownie

Queen Bee is like a crunchie bar on steroids, featuring hunks of honeycomb, toffee sauce and chocolate spread, all sandwiched between fudge and honeycomb cookie dough. It’s soft, sticky and crunchy in one mouthful.

Queen Bee

MyCookieDough, where have you been all our lives?

Thanks to Siobhan for bringing Hotspothunter into our lives. Check out her website for more: 

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