Easter Special 2019

Easter 2019: Scotch Creme Eggs and Dinosaurs! 

Easter is one of the most exciting times for all those who consider themselves to have a sweet-tooth. Every year the UK is treated to new chocolate-themed heroines and heroes, to syrupy honeys and chocolate-coated bunnies. Our Aprils are sprinkled with opulent chocolate eggs and big furry rabbits who stand on two legs. It is a wonderful time for people everywhere who love the colourful chocolate party that Easter treats us to every year.

But this year we are doing Easter with a ROARRRR and celebrating this egg-citing time with something different. Dinosaurs did eggs first, so we are giving them a bit of a well-deserved spotlight this year. Also, dinosaurs are cool AF and we won’t apologise for bashing tradition by using them as our Easter heroes.

Adding to our 2019 Dinosaur theme, we have two limited edition products to capture the taste buds & imagination. Both are egg-themed of course. More specifically, they are Crème Egg themed. Whoop!


The limited products are called the Crème Egg Brownie and the Scotch’d Crème Egg both of which use the UK’s favourite little chocolate egg. The Crème Egg Brownie has a Triple Chocolate Brownie cookie dough base, with a melted crème egg on top and finished with Mini Eggs for a splash of crunch and colour.

The second Easter product, which is one of the most exciting desserts we have ever created, is a more heavenly version of a scotch egg. This Instagram-friendly masterpiece consists of a molten crème egg wrapped in cookie dough which is then coated in Lotus Biscoff and baked. This leaves you with a crispy dough egg that has crème egg yolk that runs out when you cut it in half. We know, ridiculous stuff!

We are very excited to bring our fans another duo of spectacular products, as well as some very very cute dinosaurs. Grab these MyCookieDough Easter specials between the 5th and 23rd April to taste what the fuss is all about.  

Our Creme Egg Brownie is available at all stores, while the Scotch Creme Egg is only available at London Westfield and Manchester Arndale stores.  

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