Scotch Egg BIY Pack
Scotch Egg BIY Pack
Scotch Egg BIY Pack
Scotch Egg BIY Pack

Scotch Egg BIY Pack

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Our latest Special Edition box brings you one of the most indulgent Easter products we've ever created. It's pure poetry for the tastebuds, and a dessert for royalty! For the first time ever, we're giving you the opportunity to make this delight in your own oven.

Creme egg classic scotch egg:

Biscoff cookie dough wrapped around  and rolled in Biscoff crumbs a Creme Egg and then baked

Oreo cookie scotch egg: 

Triple Chocolate cookie dough wrapped around an Creo Creme egg and then rolled in oreo crumbs.

The Scotch Creme egg is a Cadbury's Creme Egg wrapped in our signature cookie dough, rolled in Crumb and baked to a gooey perfection.

Each pack allows you to create 4 Scotch Cream Eggs and includes:

2 x Triple Chocolate Cookie Dough

2 x Biscoff Cookie Dough

4 x Creme Egg

1 x pot of Biscoff Crumb

1 x pot of Oreo Crumb

1 x pot of Biscoff spread

1 x pot of Nutella

Please note that this product is not Vegan


These cookies contain EGG & HAZELNUTS. All products contain WHEAT (GLUTEN), MILK (DAIRY), SOYA and may contain traces of NUTS & PEANUTS.


Once the cookies arrive, take them out of all packaging and store them in an airtight container. Consume within 3 days.

NOT INCLUDED: Ice Cream! Serve with your own fresh vanilla ice cream for the perfect experience.

WHAT YOU NEED: An oven, baking paper and clean washed hands!