Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer & Our Surprising New Hires

Christmas is a time for flying reindeer, sock-themed presents and a whole lot of eating for everyone involved. Every year is fairly similar for most of us, but not for some…

This year we received two tiny gold-leafed letters from a postcode that Google told us was somewhere near the North Pole. Upon opening the letters in our weekly team meeting, we discovered that the letters were from two Elves named Ralph and Emily who were in desperate need of some luck.

We learned that the poor little elves had recently been let go by Santa as they were no longer needed in theToy Factory. Santa explained to them that Amazon was taking a lot of his Christmas business and he no longer needed a few of his magical elves.

Bless their little hearts, but Ralph and Emily decided to tackle their new unemployment with a positive mindset (we have since learned that elves don’t have an ounce of negativity in their little bodies) and wrote to us as they were interested in a change of career path.They were looking to move from the toy business to the dessert business, and saw MyCookieDough as their ideal new family to join.

At first we were sceptical, and debated whether this was a hoax or not. About 10mins into the discussion our founder Angie suggested we give them a chance, and as soon as her sentence was finished the two little elves appeared (with a poof!) on our boardroom table. Ralph and Emily explained their situation and explained that they would need to be paid in chocolate coins and printed out pictures of Labradors, which was utterly delightful for us all, and brought out the biggest smile on our Financial Directors face.

Elf Currency Apparently…

Our new little friends were eager to get going and soon took us through every single one of their 437 ideas for our new Christmas products, many of which were brilliant. We all soon got to work in the test bakery and finalised our two seasonal products, namely the North Pole Stack and the Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookie Dough.

North Pole Stack & Terrys Chocolate Orange Cookie Dough

We will be telling you a bit more about our in-house elf team in 2019 as we have decided to keep them on permanent contracts, but for now Ralph and Emily have taken a well-deserved holiday in the Maldives as they look to have their first sunny Christmas ever! 

Keep an eye out for more information about the two of them when MyCookieDough enters the Christmas period next year…

For more, you can see what Lovin’ Manchester wrote about our new menu and Christmas Specials HERE

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